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Mitchell Baldridge is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner™ with vast experience in corporate accounting, business advisory, and financial planning. His passion is building lifelong relationships with business owners to help them thrive. He brought his wealth of experience and success from the corporate world when he founded Baldridge Financial (formerly Baldridge CPA) in 2014 to realize his dream of helping business owners achieve their financial goals.

Whether you’re looking for tax preparation services, an efficient and nuanced financial plan, or experienced consultation, Mitchell offers a personal client-centric approach, years of experience, and a relationship built on integrity. Above all, Mitchell and his expert team want to help you succeed.

Let us handle your tax service and financial planning needs so you can focus on building your business.

Mitchell Baldridge

Frictionless and
Full 360-Coverage

Baldridge Financial employs a team of CPAs, Financial Advisors, and accounting staff, to provide the full breadth of tax planning and practice management services, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll, and other business and financial consulting. Our proactive planning strategies will support your practice and your family’s financial health while minimizing your tax burden. 


We frequently work with clients in real estate, healthcare, construction, and oil and gas industries and are well versed in the challenges of growing and running a business.

We work on a recurring retainer service agreement, and there is a cost to set up our services (typically beginning with a financial plan and tax return preparation), and an ongoing monthly fees.

Fees start around $2,500-5,000 and up for the initial plan, and $1,000 monthly and up on an ongoing basis for implementation. We also charge for investment advisory under a traditional AUM model.



Financial work is extremely personal. That’s why we meet each client’s specific needs rather than assign everyone the same cookie-cutter solution. Our  clients consider us a trusted advisor because we get what you need—and also what you don’t. 


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